[extropy-chat] Live long enough to live forever

Randall Randall randall at randallsquared.com
Wed Mar 21 22:27:29 UTC 2007

On Mar 21, 2007, at 3:49 PM, ben wrote:
> Randall Randall <randall at randallsquared.com> wrote:
>> On Mar 20, 2007, at 4:54 PM, ben wrote:
>>> Stevia?!
>>> Where do you get it?
>> Any health food store in the US, basically.  For
> example:
>> http://www.peachtreenaturalfoods.com/shop/product_view.asp?
> id=3269&StoreID=XRBK823T14S92ND700AKHLBD3UA7AP7C
> I'm a Frayed Knot:
> "This Product is No Longer available on this site"

Still there for me; perhaps you didn't copy the full link?

Here's a (preview) tinyurl of it:

Randall Randall <randall at randallsquared.com>
"Part of it may be that in the olden days, when the worst thing the  
writers had ever
faced was the Great Depression and World War Two, it was easier to be  
upbeat about
the future's potential, whereas now, when we are saddled with enough  
fuels to last us centuries, monstrously bloated incomes and the  
dilemma of which of
500 channels to watch, spotting any ray of light seems impossible. "  
-- James Nicoll

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