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 We all wait for future with some amount of impatience. Some of us are
working towards making it come sooner, others are waiting, spreading
information, discussing the issues, etc., etc.
Some time ago I have found the way to contribute to science even if
you are not doing the research. I am talking about distributed
computing that is open to any volunteers.

A project like Folding at home (http://folding.stanford.edu/) is one such
wonderful project that deals with protein folding and misfolding issues.
With recently allowing Sony PlayStation 3 computers to do the computational
work, they have been able to reach a Petaflop (1000 TFlops or 10^15
floating point ops/s) level.

If you have your computer for reading emails, browsing the web, watching
movies or similar tasks, lots of unused computation power is lost in idle
cycles. Instead it is possible to put those unused resources to work for the

Maybe it is even worth creating Extropian team in Folding at home
 and make our contribution?

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