[extropy-chat] A bigger Nit (was Fragmentation of computations)

Anna Taylor femmechakra at yahoo.ca
Wed Mar 28 16:38:42 UTC 2007

--- BillK <pharos at gmail.com> wrote:

>To pick a bigger nit, I understood that the sensory
>deprivaton experiments showed that a human brain
>without stimulation rapidly descends into chaos that
>can hardly be called consciousness.

Just curious but if deprivaton experiments show that a
human brain without stimulation rapidly descends into
chaos, what happens when a human brain has an
exceeding amount of stimulating sensory experiences?  

>I suspect also that as the stimulation from outside
>is what causes brain pathways to grow and change,
>that over time there would be severe physical changes
>in the brain.

I can imagine how a prisoner that is kept in a cell
for 30 days in the dark or a war prisoner could
eventually lean towards having permanent severe
physical changes in the brain by descending into
Couldn't someone that receives too much stimulation
also descend into chaos? With an exceeding amount of
growth and change comes the opposite extreme of chaos.
In both instances, don't these brain pathways grow and
change so that they are no longer recognizable?  If
so, in both instances, couldn't the severe physical
changes in the brain lead to a phenomenon?  On one
hand that leads to phenomenon that has been verified
such as schizophrenia or insanity yet on the other
hand i'm not really clear what phenomenons may occur?
I can't imagine that brain pathways that grow and
change, that lead to physical changes in the brain 
simply lead to intelligence or knowledge, there must
be other phenomenon that can occur?

Just thinking out loud.

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