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Samantha Atkins sjatkins at mac.com
Mon Sep 10 10:11:52 UTC 2007

hkhenson wrote:
> I was a good guy and kept those thoughts to myself for at least a 
> decade.  You can thank law enforcement in two states for motivating 
> me to share it.  It just chemistry and physics, no matter how dire 
> the potential results.  You can't get in trouble for that like you 
> can for trying to draw attention to two cases of "depraved 
> indifference murder."
I am very sorry for how badly you were treated.  Having once upon a time 
spent some time in jail (thankfully very short) I have some small 
understanding of how bad it can be.  

That said, you choose your actions as much now as you ever did.  So why 
these particular choices?  Surely it is no great surprise to you of all 
people that humanity includes some seriously nasty and animalistic (or 
worse) individuals.   So how can having to deal with that too upfront 
and personal so affect what you choose to do with your abilities? 

>> I will buy your book on the struggle with XXX.  We can have a name the book
>> contest, something snappy like Keith's Kampf, or Bet You Never Knew
>> Picketing Was Illegal.
> Nothing I write has enough commercial value to pay minimum wage.  I 
> have that from multiple editors.

Yeah, well, multiple editors have been wrong quite often in the history 
of successful books.  If you have something in you that is book length 
you want to say and saying it is as important as anything else you may 
currently care to do, then by all means do so.  Editors be damned.

- s

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