[ExI] a couple uses for kudzu

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> > ...The soil there is very hard,
> > almost rocklike, which is why you hear of old abandoned vertical mine
> shafts
> > several hundred feet deep,
> But there's no aquifer? Fer sher? down to a kilometer?
> Because, if there were, salt water'd be bad fer.
> ...it.
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The master of wordplay has reminded me of an important fact.  As I recall
when I lived in Ridgecrest Ca, the water needed to be lifted about 2000
feet, which is about 600 meters.  So perhaps that is the lower limit to the

Damien's objections rminded me of another important point.  Throwing away
all that mulch is a waste of a very important element, phosphorus.  Plants
and animals have in every cells adenosine triphosphate.  Without phosphorus,
there is no life.  So when we sequester carbon, we need to be sure to not
inadvertently sequester phosphorus with it.

Yes, Mike, salt water would be bad fer the aquifer, and also waste the


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