[ExI] extropy-chat Digest, Vol 55, Issue 2

Jeff Davis jrd1415 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 2 22:52:24 UTC 2008

On Wed, Apr 2, 2008 at 5:48 AM, Mirco Romanato <painlord2k at yahoo.it> wrote:
> Tom Nowell ha scritto:
>  > 1)reinstate the draft and have young men truck the
>  > stuff through Iraq much like their dads did for
>  > Vietnam - not an electorally popular move, but making
>  > strong use of America's resources.
>  So, you would substitute volunteers with conscripts and professional
>  with amateurs?
>  This also have a cost: political for the draft and political and
>  economic for all the added deads due to a not professional and highly
>  trained force.

Your bias is effecting your **logic**, such as it is.  Volunteers or
conscripts, they get the same training.  Neither can therefore be
characterized as **amateurs**.

In contrast, try this.  How intelligent can the "volunteers" be?  How
would they compare, intelligence-wise, to the pool from which
conscripts would be drawn?

Full disclosure-wise regarding my own bias let me say that you'd have
to be a fucking moron to volunteer for the army or marines right now.
And the recent lowering of the standards for enlistment bears me out.
So to answer my own questions above:

Volunteers = testosterone-charged, youthfully-naive,
mentally-defective provincials;
Conscripts = persons of average intelligence.

Sorry to rain on your sorry parade.

>  > 2)Having allies...

>  Do you remember that the France simply bought the votes of the African
>  nations in the UN to oppose the invasion?

What are you smoking, Mirco?  France, a permanent member of the
security council, has veto power, it doesn't need to buy anybody's

>  The NATO countries are forced to add more soldier in Afghanistan,
>  because if the coalition fail there will be a political disaster for
>  all.

Says who?  Don"t attempt an answer, you're not qualified.

The Kool-aid drinkers who absorb uncritically the view of those who
lobbied the US into this mess, and want to keep the US there, and who
have been brazen serial liars and comprehensively incompetent.

Anyone with a fragment of intelligence knew this years ago.  What's
your excuse, Mirco?


>... more possibility of meddling around for internal political reason.
>  And a few parties were not interested in helping the US and many were
>  interested in helping themselves and the US enemies.

I see, advising someone not to drive over a cliff is treason.  How
many different kinds of fool can you be, Mirco?
No need to answer that.

>  You go in war with the intelligence you have, not with the intelligence
>  you want or will have a few years after.

That pretty much ends this conversation.

You should not be wasting the time of folks on the list, Mirco.  That
could be better spent seeking and receiving professional help for you
mental condition.

Best, Jeff Davis

   "Men occasionally stumble over the truth,
    but most pick themselves up and hurry off
    as if nothing had happened."
                    Winston Churchill

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