[ExI] friendly fire, unfriendly AI

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This is why all military systems need more than one failsafe before firing and?should never be fully autonomous. The last failsafe should always being?a human (even that wasn't good enough in this case). I'd like to think?it's also a pretty good?example of why an AGI will be bad. Not because it will use weapon like this, but just because it could cause major damage with the systems it may have access to. Damage caused not through desire or design, Just because it can. Or more correctly, because we didn't account for it doing something we didn't think about.

Undoubtably this tradgedy is down to a design flaw somewhere, HW or SW. I just hope the lesson is learned.


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Sorry guys, but I found this just too compelling to pass up.

Robot Cannon Kills 9, Wounds 14

Best, Jeff Davis

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