[ExI] EP and Peak oil.

hkhenson hkhenson at rogers.com
Sun Apr 6 06:35:36 UTC 2008

At 10:34 AM 4/5/2008, John K Clark wrote:

> > Nanotube cable probably won't be much of a conductor.
>At the very least some nanotubes are better conductors of electricity than
>silver and better conductors of heat than diamond. There is even some
>indication that multi walled nanotubes may be ballistic conductors, that
>means their resistance is only weakly coupled to their length; at least
>that's how short ones seem to act, nobody knows how one 22000 miles
>long would behave except to say it would be better than any metal.
>Maybe much much better.
> > how you are going to restrain the magnetic forces pushing the cables
> > apart?
>Magnetism is produced by current, high voltage power lines don't carry
>a lot of current.

Please put numbers on this statement.  I think you will be astounded.


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