[ExI] Behavioral Screeners

Tom Nowell nebathenemi at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Apr 6 19:56:28 UTC 2008

John Grigg wrote:

>I can only imagine what will happen when Damien
>Broderick is made the Aussie Homeland Security
>John  ;  )

I can imagine what will happen when you combine Aussie
attitudes with advanced security technologies. It will
come down to one of two things. (Please don't take
offence Damien, I'm sure you have no desire to run
Australia as a police state).

1. You go through a pleasant looking airport, with
friendly customer service offering free tea and
coffee. Pleasing signs try to reassure you flying is
safe, and Security Minister Broderick's picture is
shown with him making a big thumbs up gesture with the
tagline "No worries!"
 The free tea and coffee is a ruse to make you swallow
the nanotech that will scan you internally and assist
with the brain reading MRI scanner in the security
gates. You are violated in every way possible that
nanotech can manage, just so there is no possibility
of terrorism.

2. You go into a huge, scary looking airport where you
have to check in well in advance for all the security
procedures. You are warned that advanced AIs are
scanning your every move and monitoring your
behaviour. At any minute one of Minister Broderick's
black-clad minions may drag you off to be
strip-searched and have your DNA tested. You have been
warned of all the rights you must waive in order to go
through the security check.
 Should you feel the hand of the faceless trooper
dragging you out of the line, the following will
they take you into a side-room, the trooper takes his
mirror-faced helmet off and says "G'day! Fancy some
tea? Sorry about this, we've got a quota to meet. If
we don't drag off enough people, we will fail our
"intimidating the flying public" target. We just need
you to sit here for fifteen minutes, then leave and
loudly complain about the unpleasant tests you've had.
This gun?It's not loaded. No worries"
 The whole scheme is designed to intimidate the
terrorists from even trying, and "hugely expensive AI
behaviour scanners" is a front for Damien to secretly
channel goverment money into nanotech research.


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