[ExI] Reinforcing our Prejudices

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Sat Apr 19 05:45:35 UTC 2008

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>Yet here is an interesting problem: we know that about 4% of people
>growing up are sociopaths. If a vaccine were developed that, when
>administered at a young age warded off this condition, ought we to
>allow our elected officials to either tamper with the water supply
>(as they do with fluoridation), or subject all children to an injection?
>My morning personality would say "yes, do it", my afternoon personality
>would say "no", and when it gets late enough at night, I'm at "hell yes".

I think that such an approach would inevitably result in you and I getting an uncontrollable urge to buy the latest Nike's
and watch soap operas just after our morning drink of water ;o) perhaps accompanied by an unexplicable warm fuzzy feeling
for the Bush administration?



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