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Thu Aug 14 04:07:38 UTC 2008

Participating Artists:

Paula GaetanoAdi (Argentina)

Mauro Annunziato &
Piero Pierucci  (Italy) 

James Auger Jimmy Loizeau (UK)

Brandon Ballengee(USA)

Laura Beloff (Finland)

David Bowen (USA)

Oron Catts Ionat Zurr (Australia)

Adrian David Cheok (Singapore)

Carlos Corpa  (Spain)

Critical Art Ensemble  (USA)

Joe Davis (USA)

Marta de Menezes (Portugal

Louis-Philippe Demers (Canada)

Erwin Driessens &
Maria Verstappen (The Netherlands)


Tagny Duff (Canada)

Arthur Elsenaar Remko Scha (The Netherlands)

Julie Freeman (UK)

George Gessert  (USA)

Ken Goldberg  (USA)

Isa Gordon  (USA)

Andy Gracie (UK)

Paul Granjon (Wales)

Mateusz Herczka  (Sweden)

Floris Kaayk (The Netherlands)

Verena Kamini (Canada)

Leonel Moura (Portugal)

Orlan (France)

Nicolas Reeves (Canada)


Julia Reodica (USA)

Ken Rinaldo (USA)

Marcel.líAntúnez Roca (Spain)

Kathleen Rogers (UK)

Phill Ross (USA)

SymbioticA The Potter Lab (Australia) and (USA)

Stelarc (Australia)

Paul Thomas (Australia)

Tanja Visosevic &
Guy Ben-Ary (Australia)

Bill Vorn (Canada)

Natasha Vita-More (USA)

Adam Zaretsky (USA)


Question please: in transhumanist functions in general, I perceive a curious
lack of participation by the French.  On typical lists, I see plenty of
Italian, Gene and his friends are German, Anders and his friends from
Sweden, plenty of Brits, Australians, yanks, Brazilians, other South
Americans, Spanish, Portugese, other Europeans, but few French.  Why?  Is
anyone here living in France or from there?
There is a reason I ask.  Today I saw some teen internet chatter with its
usual phonetic spellings (How R U, etc) and it made me think of a curious
French habit: they keep on spelling after they finished talking.  So when
French youth banter on the internet, do they slaughter the French spellings
even worse than the English typing people?
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