[ExI] Film: "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button"

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...When I first saw the preview I thought of Mearth from Mork and Mindy.
Remember him, he was their half human half alien baby and aged in reverse
(because that's how they are on Ork!). Played by Jonathan winters, so funny.
...Gina "Nanogirl" Miller

Of all the comedy from the 70s, the Mork and Mindy show after they added
Jonathan Winters takes the prize.  It's over 30 years ago, but the comedy
aged well.  Those shows are wet-your-diapers funny, seeing Winters and a
young pre-cocaine Robin Williams bounce off of each other.  Most of the
scripts are ad-lib, which explains why costar Pam Dawber doesn't seem to
know what to do.  She pretty much just watches those two in amazement while
struggling to not fall on the floor laughing at the silliness.  Do try to
find tapes or reruns.


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