[ExI] Making a billion people smarter on the cheap.

spike spike66 at att.net
Sat Dec 6 16:27:02 UTC 2008


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> Iodized salt is readily available everywhere I've lived in 
> the USA, no more expensive than regular table salt, but some 
> folks who won't use it. They see it as a "poison" like they 
> see fluoride in water as a poison or evil plot.
> Regards,
> MB

This problem would be multiplied a hundred times over were we to try to
supply iodized salt to the undeveloped nations, which are turning more
Muslim.  Any well meaning gesture would be met with suspicion, coming from
the unbelievers.  A rumor could easily spread contending that the kaffir
salt reduces fertility for instance.  They would assume an evil plot, and
begin planning bloody revenge.

I see this as a huge challenge for the 21st century.


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