[ExI] I don't understand students: help !

Emlyn emlynoregan at gmail.com
Fri Dec 19 03:46:22 UTC 2008

2008/12/19 Kevin H <kevin.l.holmes at gmail.com>:
> I'm not really sure what you guys are talking about.  Ending public/free
> education just means you're going to have more uneducated people out there,
> how is this a good thing?  I'm actually in favor of the direction we're on
> with standardized testing and using this as the primary criteria for
> evaluation teachers.  We just have to get out of the era of social
> promotion, parents and teacher unions having the majority of the power, and
> you don't have to kill public education to do this.
> Kevin

I think Dagon wasn't advocated ending educating people. Rather, I read
him as saying that the institution of school needs to be thrown out,
replaced with automated self-directed learning that kids could do from
home, at their own pace, etc etc. So the public could feasibly become
more educated than ever, just we wouldn't be using internment camps to
achieve it.


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