[ExI] Impending Newtonmass... what should I buy theatheistinmylife?

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	> Even the most hard core atheists among us know all the lyrics to
christmas songs.  We do, right?  No matter how hard we try to not know those
words, we know em anyway.  We have been mind raped, even the radical
Presbyterians, and they are not happy about it at all.  There is nothing we
can do.  
	Yes there is.  It's easy - one can simply ignore Christ-mass (I've
done it for 25 years).  And If I didn't grow up in a cultural Christian
household to begin with, there would be nothing to ignore.  Even with the
secular components that have been added to Christ-mass, many "other"
religious groups do not do Christ-mass.
	> Or rather there is.  Find ways to ridicule the songs.  Many of
them contain
	funny stuff. <snip>  ... I shoulda been a writer for Saturday Night
	Yes, you would definitely be able to liven things up for even that
jaded crowd! (Although, you know, in these difficult economic times the SNL
people have simply resorted to stealing stuff ... observe how much interview
footage they've managed to lift almost verbatim from Sarah Palin's
interviews earlier this year ... ;).

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