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John Grigg possiblepaths2050 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 24 06:07:16 UTC 2008

Emlyn wrote:
It's just a bit of a nerdy joke, because Newton's birthday may have
been 25 december (it doesn't look as though that's entirely agreed

Bible scholars believe Jesus was born around late September/early October
and this time of the year definitely makes more sense then late December.
But then the Roman Catholic Church was trying to supplant pagan holidays by
overlaying Christian celebrations onto them.  I'm afraid that Spike and
Emlyn will someday hold a "truly old-time" religious winter holiday
celebration (as part of a transhumanist conference) that will involve much
public drunkeness, overeating, idolatry, nakedness and even sexual
indulgence!  Tsk tsk...

I feel like the joke is on you and all transhumanists because Sir Isaac
Newton was an extremely devout Christian believer. LOL  But the man's genius
and personality compelled him (even to the neglect of eating, sleeping and
socializing) to carry out scientific research.  I recently read a biography
of the man and found Newton fascinating.  I wish we had cell samples and
could create several hundred clones of him.  I really believe it would move
technological progress forward.  I wonder how many of the Newton clones
would exhibit extreme religiousity? hmmm...

you continue:
Christmas is fine, I like presents! But, if you are going to find
someone worthwhile thinking about who was born on 25 December, then
Jesus is in some very tough company. If I have to choose between
people who believed in wacky things, someone who also discovered how
rainbows work is getting my vote.

Christmas is great for me because I enjoy giving gifts even more than
getting them (with the possible exception of $$$ gifts in the millions
should they come my way...).  The teachings of Jesus focused a great deal on
loving your neighbor and not being yet another a hypocrite.  It is a message
the world still needs to hear and so he gets my vote.

John Grigg  : )
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