[ExI] extropy-chat Digest, Vol 63, Issue 11

ben benboc at lineone.net
Wed Dec 24 15:53:24 UTC 2008

"Olga Bourlin" <fauxever at sprynet.com> wrote:

 >Ha!  I can relate.  However, I tend to be more pleasant and social at 
 >time of year than just about any other time - after all, I don't have
 >anything I HAVE to do ... I can even watch trashy movies (if I so 
choose) -
 >simply enjoy my time off.  No pressure - no deadlines.  Ahhhhhhhhhh ...

Exactly.  I watch people getting in a tizzy as Xmas approaches, and try 
to persuade them that they don't have to even have Xmas, if it causes so 
much stress.  They almost always cave in to the pressure of tradition 
though (and marketing, which is mostly what it's all about).  It's funny 
(and confusing) that the Americans call it the 'holiday season', when 
most people don't actually go on holiday, and stress themselves out so 
much.  But we had that conversation last year.

Spike fnargled:

 >	-Of course they were getting ready for a big new year's celebration
 >that year, being not only a new century and a new millenium, but they were
 >able to get rid of that bothersome negative sign and begin counting 
 >instead of backward

Hey, maybe we should be doing that!

Depending on whose calendar you use, we are anywhere between, 50 BS and 
5 BS (Before Singularity, or, for the more dubious, BBS, because they 
think the Singularity is BS), or 30 BF (Before Fusion.  Not so useful, 
because the year is always the same: 30 BF, until we actually get 
fusion, so that calendar will be pretty dumb until After Fusion: 30BF, 
30BF, 30BF, 30BF, 30BF.... F!!, 1AF, 2AF, ).  For the Complete 
Pessimists, we have the Extinction calendar, only BE needed there, 
because nobody will be around AE.

Pick your calendar, and let the confusion begin!

Spike again:

 > It fills me with hope for the future of humanity to see the almighty
 > dollar overpower the almighty imaginary creator.

And here was me eagerly anticipating the advent of the Abundance 
Economy.  Now I have to dread it because it means a return to God-Squad 

Ben Zed

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