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I'm going to be doing much more reading on this subject.  I used to think
the controversy regarding Jesus was about the question of his divinity and
not whether he had actually been a real person.  I thought the latter was a
given.  I will say in my online research I found Christian apologists who
tended to gloss over things and not admit possible weaknesses to their
arguments.  But at the same time secular critics in my view are too tough by
demanding written down at the time of the event eye witness accounts when
oral histories were passed down from generation to generation in the ancient
world and this was a time honored tradition.

I didn't realize Josephus was supposedly a corrupted source of information
regarding Jesus due to things being added later by dishonest scribes.  I'm
going to dig deeper about this matter.  And it is a major thing that Roman
and Jewish records (and both peoples loved to keep careful records)
supposedly do not mention Jesus at all, despite all the events mentioned in
the New Testament.  But I do wonder if a conspiracy could have existed that
expunged all secular written records of Jesus in an effort to suppress his
followers and their message.  It has also been over two thousand years since
these events happened and much can be lost in the mists of time.

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