[ExI] greens don't breed, breeders aren't green: RE: Obama Transition Team Examining Space Solar Power

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Sat Dec 27 16:30:02 UTC 2008

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> >> ...However this person rated the plants and animals 
> >> displaced by humans as more important and was looking forward to 
> >> famines and wars...
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> It is inconsistent to hold that view and remain living, imo. --
> Emlyn

Ja.  The greenest thing one can do is suicide.  Of course the still more
green act would be to make sure one does not breed, thereby slaying one's
genotype as well.  

At a recent social gathering after the Convergence weekend, the discussion
turned to reproduction.  This crowd of thirty adults had a total of four
offspring.  One was mine, one was a grown son of one f the regulars who was
born before that person became a regular, and two were the children of the
recent spouse of one of the relative newcomers.  Transhumanism in general
appears to have decided as one mind that biological reproduction is
impractical or undesireable.

Aubrey de Grey jested that he was waiting for a low-cost version of
reproduction.  This is quite unlikely to be developed any time soon.
Eliezer pointed out that he has no children but many followers.  Certainly
in his case, having biological descendants would likely come at great
expense to his followers, for it would take up his time.

Thirty adult transhumanists, four children total.  Ponder this.

Is not today Amara's theoretical due date?  Has anyone heard anything?



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