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Wed Dec 31 08:30:47 UTC 2008

Damien Broderick wrote:
Fair enough. Yet somehow... I dunno, ST TNG is always too... polyurethane. I
liked it best, I suppose, when it was taking the piss out of itself: the
faux-western with the lovely closing shot where the Enterprise tips its hat
and rides off into the red sunlight.

What do you think of these shows...

Babylon 5?  It showed war is hell, even out in space.  Harlan Ellison loved
it and the creator.

Lexx? So much insane fun (thank you Netflix).  The tragic love between Xev
and Kai touched me (especially with the way they showed it in the musical
episode).  And Kai's death at the end of the series choked me up.

Batman the animated series and Batman Beyond?  Excellent stories and
animation.  Forget about the movies (except for the latest one) and watch
these beginning to end.  The comics come to life.

Blake's 7?  I have never seen the show (only pics, production values were
very weak) but badly want to view it.  I've heard the plots were great.  The
time is right for a new Blake's 7 tv series.

Mission 1999?  I only have faint memories but the FX were cool for the

Quantum Leap?  This series powerfully affected me time after time.  Great

UFO?  I now ask the women I date to wear purple wigs and tight bodysuits
during roleplaying.   ; )

X-Files?  I loved the characters and their quirky chemistry.  But the
"monster" eps were the best.  Why can't they make a "monster" feature film?

Firefly? Liked it but was not in love with it.  The movie was good.

Land of the Lost? This Saturday morning kid's show was my favorite program
as a young boy.  It totally captivated me with the dinosaurs, time travel,
ape people, dino-men, etc..  I can't wait for the upcoming film!

Stargate? A series that slowly grew on me due to a roommate that insisted I
watch it with him and endure his non-stop commentary.  I did care about
Teal'c' leading his people to freedom and what he went through to get it.

Alien Nation? Excellent science fiction with for me with very affecting

Journeyman? A great present day time travel series that was very emotionally
engaging but only lasted 13 episodes, so frustrating.  I miss it.

Starlost?  I always wanted to see this series that Harlan Ellison disowned.
I like the concept.

VR.5?  My mom is not into sf tv but she loved this series.

Jake 2.0? I heard it was a very good series but only saw one episode.

Futurama? I think of it as the best show around to give me an idea of what
it will be like to be reanimated from cryonic suspension.  Really.  : )  And
Fry's unrequited love for Leela is very touching.

John (not a tv series..., yet)
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