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Amazing! Thanks!

--- Bryan Bishop <kanzure at gmail.com> escreveu:

> http://heybryan.org/transhuman/biohack.html
> Torrent: http://www.mininova.org/tor/1142741
> Facebook:
> http://hs.facebook.com/group.php?gid=10201960134
> The open biohacking kit project contains information
> on important 
> protocols in genetic engineering, stem cell
> research, microbiology and 
> other fields of related interest. Additionally, the
> archive file -- 
> ready for immediate distribution and diffusion --
> contains numerous 
> articles and designs for cheap DIY hardware such as
> incubators, 
> centrifuges, oligonucleotide machines, microarray
> chip schematics, and 
> so on. An integral part of the entire package is a
> cached copy of the 
> BioBrick Foundation and synbio websites, such as
> OpenWetWare and the 
> Parts Registry -- some may know about these groups
> from the 
> International Genetically Engineered Machine
> competitions. Short 
> introductory files are also being included regarding
> methods of 
> artificial gene synthesis, using online
> bioinformatics databases, 
> transfections, running ecoli farms, synthetic
> biology (synbio), ES cell 
> harvesting procedures, quick "where to buy" guides,
> and one-page 
> documents introducing newbies into the arts.
> The project is in the spirit of 'open' in the sense
> of open source, as 
> such I am welcoming any permutations and
> combinations of this 
> information, any revision of the zip file, any
> contributions 
> whatsoever. Please note that this is an **amateur**
> work made for other 
> **amateurs** (and to some extent professionals) and
> therefore the 
> contents of the zip file remain mostly as a creative
> work and have not 
> yet matured into a final product; admittedly, any
> project at this stage 
> is going to be immature and will only grow to the
> extent that people 
> will help it on its journey.
> - Bryan
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