[ExI] Large Hadron Collider

spike spike66 at att.net
Fri Feb 1 17:26:55 UTC 2008

> John K Clark
> Subject: Re: [ExI] Large Hadron Collider
> Rick Strongitharm Wrote:
> > The Large Hadron Collider is scheduled to begin operation in a few 
> >

>...The most disappointing result would be if it 
> discovered the Higgs Boson and nothing else.   John K Clark

I disagree John.  The most disappointing result is if it created a mini
black hole, which then started eating atoms around it as it sank to the
center of the earth, growing more massive and eventually having the earth
collapse suddenly into a marble sized point of mass.  The astronauts aboard
the space station witnessing the sudden disappearance of the earth would
have new insight into Fermi's paradox but would be most disappointed in any



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