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Amara Graps amara at amara.com
Sat Feb 2 20:12:17 UTC 2008

IEEE Spectrum is making all of their articles available for free,
online. There used to be a part available only for paid IEEE members and
a part of other articles for free, but they appear to have changed that
policy.  (Physics Today, are you listening?)

Go here:


And the menu "Past Issues" gives you articles to  middle 2006. But there
are more! In this post, I give a sample (of my interests obviously :-)).

In the Archive

"In The Archive
We're moving the back issues and Web-only articles to the new Spectrum
Online, but we've begun by moving reader favorites. All articles will be
moving, so if you don't see the piece you're looking for, it's just a
matter of time. Links to readers' favorite articles from April 2005 and
earlier issues are here."

They have more online than what is listed on that page, apparently not
indexed yet. If you don't see what you're looking for, type the month
and "magazineindex".

For example:

And if it is not there, type the magazine article's title into Google to
get the article number (to attach to the URL address), and the article
number might pop up.

Special Report: Prosthetic Arms

Greenhouse Gas Trends
A tale of two perspectives

Visualizing Electronic Health Records With "Google-Earth for the Body"
IBM researchers develop 3-D visualization tool for electronic health records

Winner: Make Your Very Own Virtual World with OLIVE
Forterra's OLIVE software makes the business of virtual-world environments real

Playing Dirty
Automating computer game play takes cheating to a new-and profitable-level

The R&D 100
Spectrum's Top R&D Spenders

* And they have an interactive R&D Calculator here!

Controlled Chaos
We need to exploit the science of order and disorder to protect networks
against coming generations of superworms

Terraforming Mars
Proposals to terraform the Red Planet abound, but are any of them feasible?

Arthur C. Clarke Rembering Sputnik

Secrets of Sputnik

All A-Twitter
But the major buzz in microblogging centers around Twitter
(http://twitter.com) a site that combines social networking and
microblogging. It periodically asks members a simple question: "What are
you doing?"

A Hoist to the Heavens  (Space Elevators)

The African Hacker (about the first large software company in Africa)

"This Looks Like a Job for...SUPERATOMS
(Who says quantum weirdness can't also be practical?)"

Engineering Everquest

Software Patents Don't Compute
How the U.S. patent system attempts to draw a dividing line between
patentable machines and unpatentable mathematics-and why the system is

The Nanotech Patent Trap  ?
(waiting for online article, should be in issue jul05)

All the Tech in China

China's Tech Revolution
How technology is driving the country's economic boom, and what that
means for the world

Running Against the Wind
A double-leg amputee and his high-tech prosthetics are blazing a trail
into able-bodied sports. Will they be welcomed?

Bubble Power
Tiny bubbles imploded by sound waves can make hydrogen nuclei fuse-and
may one day become a revolutionary new energy source

How Venture Capital Thwarts Innovation (The tech bubble saw an
explosion of VC-funded start-ups-and a dearth of orignal ideas )

Writing NASA's Marching Orders  (book review)
How White House Insiders forged a new space policy

And appealing to the writer in me:

Words in the Wind
"The tech sector is a marvelous linguistic factory that ships out
truckloads of new words and phrases every year. In this month's
column, I'll introduce you to a sampling of new terms that have
crossed my path in recent months."


Life Bits
A grab bag of terms floating in the techno-ether.

Have Fun!



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Research Scientist, Southwest Research Institute (SwRI), Boulder, Colorado

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