[ExI] Second Life: Design Wars: Humanish vs. Postbiologicals (Singularity)

Natasha Vita-More natasha at natasha.cc
Sun Feb 3 03:20:11 UTC 2008

SL-Transhumanists are meeting tomorrow for the Design Wars: Humanish 
vs. Postbiologicals (Singularity)

Event in Second Life by Natasha Vita-More

SL-Transhumanists are invited to have FUN with the content and 
context of the "Design Wars" of humanish vs. postbiologicals. A key
consideration is the issue of species hierarchy and whether humanity 
ought to look biological as we merge with smarter-than-human

"In a perfect world, all species would learn to get along. Due to the 
Singularity, humanity learns they are not the only life form with
consciousness and aesthetic taste."

See you here on Sunday, February 3rd at NOON SLT (+8GMT)

This event is an open discussion.  All SL-transhumanist participants' 
ideas and/or humor will be included at the LABoral Industrial Design 
Institute conference in Spain, in the summer of 2008, LABoral 
Industrial Design Institute 
"Homo Ludens Ludens" conference.

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