[ExI] The Tax Man

Lee Corbin lcorbin at rawbw.com
Tue Feb 12 05:29:30 UTC 2008

Olga writes

> On a related note, this may be an interesting development to follow:
> Breaking the Drug Taboo: Group of Traumatized Veterans Get Experimental 
> Ecstasy Treatment
> http://www.alternet.org/drugreporter/76576/

Wherever one turns, one runs into things like (this excerpt):

     According to some estimates, America can expect a minimum
     of 300,000 cases of PTSD, at a cost of over $600 billion,
     rivaling the cost of the wars themselves. And that's just the
     military wing of PTSD's vast network, which leans all too
     heavily on those who have suffered horrific experiences such
     as rape, violence, abuse and more.

Whose figures are these, and are there any incentives (do you
suppose) for inflating them?

Never mind.  Here is my main point:  were we actually a land
of *freedom* then long ago people would have discovered
using their own free choice whether or not MDMA is effective
against this sort of thing.

We would not be waiting upon researchers to determine
its "safety" or effectiveness, nor would we be facing a
$600 billion dollar cost---a cost that, of course, will balloon
to ten times that before much time has passed, just so long
as the tax-payer is still warm and can be bled.


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