[ExI] Antiques as a store of value

Joost Rekveld lists at lumen.nu
Tue Feb 12 16:11:36 UTC 2008

Many avant-garde artists have had similar hopes about photography,  
film and all media of reproduction: they hoped these media would be  
the end of the cultus of the unique object, and would be a means to  
merge art with daily life.
Outside the art-world this vision has in some respects come true or  
has at least remained a promise. Within the art world I think the  
media of reproduction have contributed to ever increasing prices for  
a small number of 'original' works. What these investors pay for is  
the aura of the original, they do not pay for access to an aesthetic  
experience. With the advent of some kind of molecular copying I  
suspect this aura will only increase in price, not diminish.

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On  12 Feb, 2008, at 1:37 PM, BillK wrote:

> Surely nanotech must destroy the value of all items that depend on age
> and provenance.
> All artwork, paintings, sculpture, furniture, objets d'art, souvenirs,
> etc that can be copied, molecule by molecule, to produce an identical
> copy, must lose their million dollar valuations. Nanotech will be a
> severe blow to the rich investors in such objects.


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