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Tue Feb 12 23:40:32 UTC 2008

On Monday 11 February 2008, Tom Tobin wrote:
> This intrigues me, as I fall squarely into the intersection of the
> "open source programmer" and "transhumanist" categories.  I'd
> tentatively suggest that both memeplexes attach to the same
> underlying personality type, but a difference in interests/skills (in
> the case of whether one takes up programming) and philosophy (in the
> case of adopting a transhumanist outlook) cause less overlap than
> there might be otherwise.  In other words, it's very easy to imagine
> transhumanists with no real desire to program, and likewise open
> source programmers with no inclination towards transhumanism.

The thing about it is that programming is the art of design and creation, and the basic extropian idea is that of self-creation -- it's the simple elaboration of 'programming' to a more generalized context. Maybe I have an essay to write, what structure might it take?

- Bryan
Bryan Bishop
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