[ExI] You know what?

Lee Corbin lcorbin at rawbw.com
Thu Feb 14 01:08:23 UTC 2008

Damien S. writes

>> In other words, we should not hesitate to point out to people that
>> the mindless following of fashion is beneath humanity.
> What about self-aware adoption of local customs, to fit in?  Around
> different groups I find myself picking up various verbal tics or
> stereotypes.

It can happen to the best of us.

> But I do find myself, and I don't mind, or even gain pleasure

that's sick

> from the flexible adoption, not to mention the social bonding
> benefits.

Well, if that's the way the world is, then naturally, I don't expect
you to punish yourself by failing to conform. But fie on those
who'd discriminate against you for not adopting their customs.
Have they no ability to cherish your individuality?  :-)

> If I followed local fashion in a manner which compromised deeper morals
> or values, that'd be one thing, but verbal patterns are hardly that
> important.  Clothing fashions strike me as sillier, since you spend
> actual money on them, but I'll no longer go so far as to say they're
> outright stupid.

Have it your way.  But if I knew the people you hang out with,
I'd put them up to wearing beany hats, just to see how long it
would take you to get in step!

Lee, die-hard individualist

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