[ExI] Name the Rogue Satellite Operation

Amara Graps amara at amara.com
Thu Feb 21 20:52:32 UTC 2008

>The US Satellite was only
>about 200 km up, so it was already in the upper atmosphere.  There will be
>nothing left in a month or so.

Are you sure there will be nothing left in a month? In Kalle Bunte's
technical note [1], the dispersion of GTO fragmentation clouds needs
more than one year. I think that the surprise for all of us on that ESA
contract was the the debris clouds remain in orbit for much longer than
people thought they would.

I wrote a bunch of notes on the topic on Bee's and Stefan's backreaction
blog here:



[1] Bunte. K. "Debris Cloud Evolution" Technical Note of Work Package
B410 of ESA Contract 6272/02/NL/EC : "Processing, Analysis and Interpretation
of Data from Impact Detectors" (2004).


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