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Bryan Bishop kanzure at gmail.com
Fri Feb 22 13:23:21 UTC 2008

On Friday 22 February 2008, ABlainey at aol.com wrote:
> Why would the poor quality products survive? Data is very different
> from Hardware. If the consumer has the choice of products he will go
> for the best quality he can afford.
> Unless you are talking disposable rubbish items.

The data defines the product. This is how we have our mechanical 
factories, which take RTL files and 3D specs and other stuff and use 
the CNC mills to chip away to make your plastics, metals, casts, etc. 
Just because you're a consumer doesn't mean you're not interested in 
storing an extra 50 KB on your computer to represent some old/worse 

> I Would be happy to help testing if It helps you, but my coding isn't
> worth a bean (far rustier than yours). So help would need to be in
> another form.

I'll be sending out an email later this weekend to the list.

> Income is relevant as we still live in a money society, Hopefully
> this is short term. Even in a post money economy, If you have to pay
> the piper for his licence, then that will be in blood,sweat and
> tears. Cash replaced by slavery? No thanks! even with the purely
> semantic difference between the two .

Right, but how did that guy get what he has that you want? Intelligence, 
and this is something else that futurists commonly say will be in 
abundance in the future given recursive ai. 

> > > New inventions are just progressions of existing technology, so
> > > given the wheel it was inevitable that someone would build a
> > > cart. So why are we paying the cart builders?
> >
> > Money. Old stuff embedded in billions of minds.

> It would be nice to see a workable non money economy. For what its

I do not think it would be an 'economy'.

> worth i'm willing to give barter a try. I have about 30 metric tons
> of english boulder clay. Anyone swap for something? postage might be
> a bit pricey, but you can pick it up if you have a truck. I'll swap
> small quantities if you have something small to exchange.

Or they will just program some bacteria to make some clay from the 
ground on which they live/stand. And if they don't have any material 
resources of their own (such as land), I am sure there would be some 
communities willing to put up with them and give them resources to work 
with, as long as they meet certain requirements (i.e., you don't want 
to let just anybody join you up there on the moon or what have you). If 
you want to barter, that's completely up to you, though I imagine a 
computerized agent search system to find people wanting to trade for 
particular items etc.

- Bryan
Bryan Bishop

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