[ExI] original star trek!

Brian Atkins brian at posthuman.com
Sun Feb 24 21:25:39 UTC 2008

spike wrote:
> Ja, however it is not at all clear that HDTV would help the original Star
> Treks.  Especially the first season, much of the sets were cardboard.  If
> you watch very closely you can see evidence of that everywhere.  It could be
> that this series is better fondly remembered than viewed.  {8-]

Star Trek: TOS in syndication is already partially in HD. They have been 
converting the eps one by one over time to HD, with new transfers, and also 
redone special effects - mostly the space scenes and some establishing shots on 
planets and stuff. Not all local stations showing this are setup to show it in 
HD, but even if they aren't you can watch the new effects and stuff in standard-def.

Not sure if what CBS is showing online is related to this, or if they are 
showing the original original.


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