[ExI] First SL-Transhumanists workshop

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Mon Feb 25 08:48:02 UTC 2008


The SL-Transhumanists group organizes scheduled events (don't miss
Natasha Vita-More & Anders Sandberg on Morphological Freedom in Second
Life, March 9), and more informal events at "office hours" (picture
below). See the event calendar at Extropia Core for office hours.

At yesterday meeting we decided to organize a "First SL-Transhumanists
workshop" in the second half of March in Second Life. The workshop
will permit advancing towards the group's objective of using virtual
reality to overcome the fragmentation of transhumanists in brickspace,
and build a cohesive-in-diversity community. The format of the
workshop will be four talks of 15 min each (I answered the question
"why four" with "why not?") by transhumanist speakers, each in support
of a different trend or faction (ugly word, but clear), followed by a
one hour round table led by a moderator and a Q/A session. The topic:
transhumanist outreach and "marketing": how to use all options
available in VR and brickspace to ensure that our beautiful vision
reaches as many people as possible.

We will contact the "obvious" four main speakers and a moderator soon,
but please send your suggestions. We hope to produce a fun and
interesting event for the audience. with a substantial debate (within
the limits of civilized behavior, and humor-impaired readers please
ignore the line below).

May the Robot God be with you and upload your immortal mindfile to the
angelic techno-Heaven of True Believers!

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