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> Anyone who wishes to acquire an understanding of human nature,
> "reality", and the interwoven nature of the two, should save this post
> in hardcopy and very large print, and read it over and over again.
> Two organisms bearing the morphology generated by the H. sapiens
> genome may be regarded as the same species.  But "cultural"
> differences in the unseen "meme set" make them as different as apples
> and oranges.
> Your best bet when encountering a person of "faith" is to remind
> yourself repeatedly that they might as well be aliens from another
> galaxy -- they are that different, and walk away (from any attempt to
> persuade).
> Best, Jeff Davis

You could put together a list of undeniable logic traps, print off as a 
leaflet and hand to said H.Sapien-Idiotis. 

Jesus died for all our sins, so all our sins are pre-forgiven. Sin away!
If God is all seeing and all powerful, why does he need you to fight for him?
God created the devil, the devil is evil. ergo God..... etc.

Does anyone have a list already? or links to one.

At the very least it would provide some amusement. Perhaps we could stand on 
busy street corners asking people if they are interested in a copy of 

it's all religiculous !
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