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The point has nothing to do with who is right or wrong concerning religion
or lack there of.

The point is that ridicule is a form of violence.  Not physical violence,
but it is an invitation to physical violence.

Children who are subjected to repeated ridicule are killing other children
in our schools.

Adults who were raised with ridicule go on to ridicule their children, their
spouses, and in many cases supplement the verbal violence with sexual or
other physical abuse.

Schools are now recognizing that ridicule is the first step in most violent


Schools are now teaching programs on bullying prevention that starts with
tolerance and respect for differences between individuals.

All of the above cases show how it is the inappropriate response to ridicule 
which is a problem. If someone ridicules my archaic taste in music, I do not 
shoot them in the face. I simply laugh and say 'everyone is different'. If 
someone ridicules my beliefs I ask them about theirs, then compare and contrast. I 
accept mine may be wrong and can only judge so by such comparisons of 
Again, I do not shoot them in the face.
Perhaps we should also be teaching children how to deal with ridicule rather 
than trying to litigate against a natural human interaction. After all, we can 
easily consider them brain damaged* and incapable of stopping themselves from 
pointing and laughing at each other. (*damaged as comparable to a fully 
developed adult with frontal lobe damage and subsequent lack of self control)

> Ridiculing a persons religion is no different than ridiculing them because
> of their color, sexuality, or how unattractive they are, or of a speech
> impediment.

Racism, sexism, etc. are specific morality issues based upon causing offence 
because of a trait which is unchosen and unchangeable. This is not the same a 
ridicule of a chosen and changeable false belief. Ridiculing religion is not 
even the same sport.
Ridicule in the sense we are discussing is no different to showing flat 
earthers an images of a spherical earth taken by satellite. It is just putting the 
evidence in the face of those who refuse to even discuss. Whether they choose 
to believe the truth, interpret it differently of shoot us in the face! is 
entirely up to them. That is the area where the problem lies, not the 
presentation in evidence of the truth.

> It is who they are and they are worthy of respect not because you agree 
> with
> them or find their viewpoints attractive but because we are all human beings
> and deserve to be respected.
> This does not preclude editorial cartoons, light hearted satire, or
> dispassionate analysis when done is such a way so as not to inflame and
> kindle flames of hatred.  But there are lines that should not be crossed as
> the dead children at Columbine would tell you if they were here.
> I would hope that an AGI would analyze violence and come to the conclusion
> that much of violence committed in the name of religion had intolerance and
> lack of respect for other peoples core belief systems as it's real cause.
> I hope that the AGI when it is born does not terminate anyone.  But there
> may be those who were raised in homes filled with abuse and ridicule that
> have gone on to spread that violent meme in their adult lives.
> Should an AGI grant immortality to such a poisoned soul?

You seem to have drawn a distinct line between ridicule and respect. It is my 
experience that there is just as much ridicule between friends who respect 
each other as between enemies. The two are not in any way mutually exclusive. It 
is also my experience that ridicule is often a catalyst for greater 
introspection and self development rather than the spreader of Violent memes.

I would think that an analysing AGI would register little more than a blip 
regarding this issue. It may take offence to your last comment ;o) , one which 
is typical of the throw away type which would cause fists to fly in any of the 
above mentioned school altercations. It is not ridicule that causes most 
violence, it is often pointed remarks and lack of self control.

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