[ExI] The Manifesto of Italian Transhumanists

scerir scerir at libero.it
Fri Feb 29 11:03:44 UTC 2008

> Italy (like any other country) is unique. Part of its "uniqueness" is
> the presence of the Vatican and the power of catholic institutions. Is
> this an obstacle to the transhumanist project? Often it is (embryonic
> stem cells), sometimes it isn't (genetically modified crops). So,
> which is the best approach? I don't claim to know, but I see that all
> mainstream parties, on both the left and right, are always very
> cautious not to upset the "catholic vote", and I see that the most
> anti-catholic (in the political sense) parties are the small ones. I
> also see that Italians have a healty tendency to take the Vatican's
> pronouncements with a pinch of salt. How else to explain Italy's
> birthrates (among the lowest in the world), given the Vatican stance
> on contraception? Am I the only one to think that twenty years from
> now Italians will take the same pragmatic approach to life-extension
> therapies?

It seems right. Well said. 

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