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Bob Mottram posted on agi2

>> An interesting case of a woman who never forgets.  She describes her
memories as a continuously running movie, which she can't turn off.


Perhaps we all have this kind of memory, but most of the time we only have
limited or no conscious access to it. >>

Has any one read her book yet

The Woman Who Can't Forget: The Extraordinary Story of Living with the Most
Remarkable Memory Known to Science--A Memoir (Hardcover) by Jill Price
(Author), Bart Davis (Contributor) 

I just ordered it from Amazon.  I am hoping that they have done some
extensive measurements on her brains electrical activity as compared to
normal humans.

There have been some articles posted recently about deep brain stimulation
on the hypothalamus improving memory.


I wonder if there is a way to use Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)to
increase activity in the hypothalamus.

I can see that it's location looks to be about as far as you can get from
the surface of the head.

But a picture in Wikipedia make it look like it's just behind an open area
which I can only surmise is the back of the sinus cavity.


I wonder if TMS has ever been attempted through the Sinus cavity in an
attempt to stimulate the hypthalamus.

While this would not be completely noninvasive it sounds a lot safer and
less expensive, if doable than implanting electrodes for direct brain

I also wonder what lever of detail these memories contain.  Can she go back
and read a book from her memories after she 
first read it?   And how easily can she concentrate on given task if she's
reading is her mind constantly flooded with memories of things she has read
before or can she suspend associating current content with past memories
until a later time. 

I am also interested on any drawbacks she feels this gift may have come with
and why she hasn't cleaned up on Jeopardy already.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor, so before anyone goes stuffing electromagnets
up your nose, see you physician!

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