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That's such a long list (I'm impressed) that it would take me a long time to research and differentiate them all. As for dependencies I should have been more clear. If you Google "forum software" you end up at a lot of places that actually host what would be the forum on their server, so it wouldn't really be yours. I don't want that as I have my own server (it has virtual domains so I have many under one) and I already use Dreamweaver to create and upload my current webpages (which works very well for me) so I would like a forum program that could plug into Dreamweaver easily or if separate wouldn't be a problem importing for use into. I already own the domain name (http://nanohealththinktank.com/) that I want to host my forum on, so also not an issue. I hope I am explaining all of this correctly... if I could get one in the box program that has forum boards and chat room that would be the ticket. I'm all set with the other parts... 

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  On Monday 02 June 2008, Gina Miller wrote:
  > Hello everyone, I have a query. So I'm going to be developing that
  > http://nanohealththinktank.com/ website, which isn't up and running
  > yet but I need some help trying to find the right forum software.

  http://phpbb.com/ - but make sure you use recaptcha (spam prevention)
  http://mediawiki.org/ - but make sure you use recaptcha

  Other options:

  360Board - http://www.360Board.com/
  Aborior's Encore - http://www.aborior.com/encore/index.shtml
  ASP-DEv Free Forums - http://forums.asp-dev.co.uk/ (hosted)
  ASP Playground.NET - http://www.aspplayground.net
  BBBoard - http://bb.bbboy.net/ (hosted)
  BeeBoard - http://www.beebalm.com/beeboard.html
  BoardServer - http://www.web-site-tools.com/boardse.htm (hosted)
  Burning Board - http://www.woltlab.de/
  CuteCast - http://www.artscore.net/
  Cyphor - http://www.cynox.ch/cyphor/
  DCForum - http://www.dcscripts.com/dcforum.shtml
  DCForum+ - http://www.dcscripts.com/dcforump.shtml
  Discus - http://www.discusware.com/discus/index.php
  DK3 Discussion board - http://www.dk3.com/boardsystem/ (hosted)
  Eboards4all - http://www.eboards4all.com/ (hosted)
  Edge-Board - http://www.edgeboard.net/
  ezboard - http://www.ezboard.com (hosted)
  ForumExperts - http://www.forumexperts.com/ (hosted)
  FUD - http://fud.prohost.org
  FuseTalk - http://www.fusetalk.com/
  GuestForum - http://www.guestforum.com/ (hosted)
  He Bulletin Board - http://www.hescripts.com/
  IdealBB - http://www.idealscience.com/site/default.aspx
  iHailStorm - http://inca.cc.uic.edu/ihailstorm/ihailstorm.php
  ikonboard - http://www.ikonboard.com/
  Invision Board - http://www.invisionboard.com/
  InvisionFree - http://www.invisionfree.com/ (hosted)
  Jive Forums - http://www.jivesoftware.com/products.jsp
  LokwaBB - http://lokwa.farcom.com/
  MercuryBoard - http://www.mercuryboard.com/
  miniBB - http://www.minibb.net/
  myBB - http://mybboard.com/
  MyIkonboard - http://www.myikonboard.com/intro.php (hosted)
  NavBoard - http://navarone.f2o.org
  netVillage - http://www.netvillage.com/homeframeset.html (hosted)
  Netzbrett - http://www.subjective.de/en/netzbrett/index.php
  OpenBB - http://www.openbb.com
  PBLang - http://pblang.drmartinus.de/
  phpBB - http://www.phpbb.com/
  Phorum - http://phorum.org/
  POP Forums - http://popforums.cliquesite.com/
  ProBoards - http://www.proboards.com (hosted)
  RPGBoard - http://www.resonatorsoft.org/software/rpgboard/
  RobBoard - http://borschevsky.virtualave.net/
  SmartBB - http://www.smartbb.net/
  SmarTek - http://corp.smartek.net/boards.cfm
  SMB - http://www.simplemessageboard.com/
  Snitz Forums 2000 - http://forum.snitz.com/
  Sporum - http://www.sporum.org/
  SowiBB - http://sowibb.sourceforge.net/
  StarForums - http://on.starblvd.net/meet/ (hosted)
  SuddenLaunch - http://www.suddenlaunch.com/ (hosted)
  Tag Board - http://www.tag-board.com/ (hosted)
  tribbyBoard - http://www.tribby.com/board/
  UBB Classic - http://www.infopop.com/products/ubbclassic/
  UBB Threads - http://www.infopop.com/products/ubbthreads/
  UBB.x - http://www.infopop.com/products/ubbx/ (hosted)
  UltraBoard - http://www.homepagetools.com/ultraboard/ (hosted)
  vBulletin - http://www.vbulletin.com/
  VersiForum - http://www.versiforum.com/
  VoyForums - http://www.voy.com/ (hosted)
  xsorbit - http://www.xsorbit.com/web/web_soft_messboard.html
  w-Agora - http://www.w-agora.net/en/index.php
  WebWiz - http://www.webwizguide.info/web_wiz_for ... p?mode=asp
  WWWBoard - http://www.scriptarchive.com/wwwboard.html
  XMB - http://www.xmbforum.com/
  YaBB - http://www.yabbforum.com/
  YaBB SE - http://www.yabb.info/
  Yazd - http://yazd.yasna.com/
  ZCom - http://zcom.frankoyer.com/cgi/index.cgi
  Zorum - http://www.zorum.com/
  ZUBB - http://www.zope.org/Members/BwanaZulia/ZUBB

  > What I am really looking for ~ is for it to be an easy to use visual
  > WYSIWYG (remember that term), because I really don't want anything

  Try http://xstandard.com/ ?

  > complicated or full of scripting this or that (really). I also don't
  > need it to be one of those hosted forums or the dependency of it

  I agree. Avoid dependency issues. Especially dreamweaver or other 
  commercial products. Also avoid frontpage. You could go with Open 
  Office and use it to save HTML documents, but there are other options 
  like xstandard.com and so on.

  > because I have my own domain and will be uploading via Dreamweaver.

  Woah, stop right there. You don't need to go as far as dreamweaver. Just 
  go install a blogging system (wordpress) or a content management 
  system, like drupal.


  > And while I am willing to pay for it, not anything unreasonable. As

  You should pay at most $5/yr for the domain name, and the hosting could 
  either be (1) a one-time $25 fee for an old computer, or (2) host with 
  one of us. For example, if you're not expecting more than a few million 
  hits a month, I could host you very easily.

  > far as features go, I would like the usual modern message board where
  > people can create their own profile and post comments, under various
  > topics (I would like moderation controls). But I would also like

  Those boards I listed above can do this.

  > there to be a chat room, but again not hosted, once I buy this stuff

  Chat rooms via IRC? http://irchelp.org/
  You could run a server daemon process in the background, it's 
  called 'ircd' (irc daemon), which does a server. This way anybody can 
  connect through their own favorite clients, and you can provide a page 
  on the site for people less fortunate (cgi irc gateway, easily 

  > I want it to be mine forever. And a calendar or other interesting

  I think drupal might do calendars. phpBB and other board systems 
  definitely do.

  > interactive features would be a nice bonus. Does anyone have any
  > ideas for me? Thank you for any help you can provide : )

  Hope that helps.

  - Bryan
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