[ExI] Thoughtware.TV: Technological Memes

Andres Colon andres at thoughtware.tv
Wed Jun 4 03:03:19 UTC 2008

I have to recommend you to watch this talk by Susan Blackmore, on the
subject of Memes and "temes".

"Psychologist/memeticist Susan Blackmore proposes that there's a new layer
of "selfish", evolving replicators in the making: just like cognitive
replicators (memes) came into existence at some point during genetic
evolution, relying on the genetic layer for their continued
existence/replication but also controlling it to a certain degree, now
'temes' (technological replicators) are emerging as a product of
genetic-memetic evolution, to rely on both genes and memes for their
survival/replication, while becoming more and more able to also exert
control over both these layers."

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