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05-Healthy Medicine -Safe and Efficacious

Remember dad you can't counsel people to take a whole bunch of meds like a
doctor , pharmacist or nurse practitioner or tell them they'll live to 120
if they take x+y+Z therapies…got that!

Absolutely, but I can point to specialty anti-aging and regenerative  medical
associations such as www.worldhealth.net  , list some mainstream food,
supplement and herbals, detail the connection between these  and the 7
deadly sins of biology.  The scientific literature describes the processes
of metabolism which lead to pathology.  Epigenetics modulators (gene
switches) include dietary folic acid, B12 and cysteine .  Orphan Therapies
such as "hyperbaric hydrogen therapy " and DMSO (dimethy-sulfoxide) and
cannabinoids  have missed timely commercialization for unethical,
non-scientific reasons.

Over 300 books on longevity and aging were published in 2007  (

Some therapies against the "seven deadly sins" are very expensive and many
are experimental, with the potential for long-term unforeseen negative
consequences. There are some decent products out there and these will
improve as more competition enters this marketplace.   My personal view on
this matter is that "I'm 52, my wife is deceased from MS, my kids are pretty
much on their own and I have done all the things society expects of a human
so what have I really got to loose but "retirement".  The potential upside
gain for undertaking calculated  high risk health management practices is
extra decades to achieve things I could never have hoped to accomplish in a
normal healthspan or lifespan.  I do believe I own what is left of my life
for better or worse.  I take great offence to any government regulator who
somehow claims to own custodianship over my body  or some kind of legal
right to prevent entrepreneurial health management interventions  telling me
what I can or cannot consider safe or efficacious  personal preventative and
restorative health management protocols."

To defeat an enemy with 7 faces, you must first understand everything that
makes them tick..



1-Cell loss, cell atrophy requires Cell therapy and perhaps dietary
telomerase activators such as a milkvetch  astralagus extract (OTC in the
USA) and phase 2 antioxidant enzyme inducers such as ones from crucifers
like broccoli.

2-Junk outside cells requires Vaccination causing internalisation

3-Protein crosslinks requires Link-breaking molecules/enzymes Examples: Rx
L-guanidine and OTC carnosine and experimental Rx ALT711 for cataracts,
cardiovascular and connective tissue hardening.

4-Death-resistant cells require Cell death gene therapy, vaccination with
for example Gendicine P53 gene encapsulated in a cold virus for cancers.

5-Mitochondrial mutation require Nuclear versions of 13 genes and some
supportative/preventative   nutritional metabolism optimizers such as
acetyl-l carnitine and alpha lipoic acid.and antioxidant anti-inflammatories
such as caryophyllene and CBD from hemp and humulene from hops..  Mitochondria
are the easiest to support through supernutrition  and the results are
immediate and dramatic.

6-Junk inside cells require Enzymes from soil bacteria/fungi or similar
technology to digest and excret to clean house.

7-Nuclear [epi]mutations (only cancer matters) requires novel  technologies
such as "WILT": telomerase/ALT knockout  plus periodic stem cell reseeding

I am not going to deal with the leading edge countermeasures  like lab grown
implantable organs, stem cell based internal tissue regeneration, robotic
surgery, self-service telemedicine, nanobots and devices implanted for
various purposes, or the implications of computational science (Artificial
General Intelligence) based stuff but be assured its coming too.  To see
Microsoft's vision of    the future of personal health concept (office labs)
see-  http://www.thoughtware.tv/videos/watch/1727

June 27/28/29 in Los Angeles  a pre-conference "Aging 2008" and the
Aging" UCLA conference  will present updated research supporting the issue
of treating aging as a curable disease.  http://mfoundation.org/aging2008.

Now for some simple but effective things anybody can do.

Practice Caloric Restriction (CR) –consume 30% less calories then that
recommended for your height and weight - until you are below your optimal
BMI (body mass index) weight.  Resveratrol from botrytis infected mouldy
grapes made into juice/wine/purified extract is the new alternative way to
simulate CR.  GlaxoSmithKline just bought Sirtis pharmaceuticals to push
this one as a crutch for those who don't want to go the CR route.  Modifying
the siruin gene expression  is sound but it is known that those stinking fat
cells still keep exuding  free radicals and provide the gunk that drives 5
of the 7 deadly metabolic killers so  resveratrol without CR is unwise

In addition, consume a wide variety of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory
foods and supplements.  Reliance  on one "miracle ingredient"  is the
Achilles heel of modern medicine..  Different organs, and cells rely on
individual nutrient combinations so diversity and balance are the way to go.
Add salmon, blueberries, yogurt, fish oil, broccoli sprouts, Hemp, flax , a
broad range of spices,  tomatoes, purple grape juice regularly to whatever
you eat now and cut back on  fatty meats. and pick low glycemic index carbs
http://www.nytimes.com/2008/05/13/health/13brain.html .Your body  will take
what it needs and will dispose of the rest..  Very soon the genomic,
proteinomic and metabolomic people will pull together your personal genome
based diet  but you've got to keep it together till then. To learn more
about the nutritional aspects of health download the PPT'S  of presentations
at Agwestbio's "Improving Human Health 2: Metabolic Syndrome (pre-diabetes)"
which I attended April 24/25 2008.  Go to
http://www.agwest.sk.ca/events/IHH08/IHH08_presentations.htm and use "ihh08"
for ID and "metabolic" for password….a little gift to ourselves courtesy of
myself for sharing access and the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture and
the Government of Saskatchewan for funding the conference.

All these wanna-be vibrant boomers are expected to avoid boredom by going
back to school and getting second and third careers, all the while
collecting pensions.  In the next part we will question if these
expectations are going to meet with a speedbump or two.

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