[ExI] "death gives meaning to life"

Antonio Marcos amcmr2003 at yahoo.com.br
Mon Jun 9 10:32:37 UTC 2008

>Anyone else willing, or have any ideas of
>how to improve what Damien has started here?

There is a simple argument to this which is the following:

children dont care or are even aware of death, and still most of them
have more meaning in life than most "older children". 

So I
would say "death gives A meaning to life", but by no means THE meaning
to life, as implied by the statement in the subject. You can have lots
of those =]

>But in those cases it's not *death* and *harm* that give us 
> meaning; it's their successful *avoidance*.

There is an incoherence here I suppose..
How can you avoid something that does not exist?
This is an argument in FAVOR of
 the statement, not against, IMO.


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