[ExI] MAX MORE in Second Life yesterday

Max More max at maxmore.com
Mon Jun 9 14:23:38 UTC 2008

If, as it seems is the case, no one managed to record all the audio, 
I will tidy up my notes for the talk and make them available along 
with the basic slides I used. The audio would be handy though, since 
I added points and illustrations as I spoke that weren't in my notes.

My thanks to the 50 of you who virtually attended--I was pleasantly 
surprised at the number. You were the fanciest-looking audience I've had!

To those of you who haven't yet dipped a toe in Second Life: I did so 
only recently but was able to get up to speed quickly. It doesn't 
require investing a whole lot of time and, while tremendous fun, is 
not so dangerously addicting as the combative gaming worlds reportedly are.

Following that talk--my very first in a virtual world--I'm looking 
forward to doing another quite soon. The next will be a skeptical 
take on the Singularity. I was going to do that as a blog entry, as I 
mentioned during the talk, but it would be much better suited to a talk.



At 08:28 AM 6/9/2008, you wrote:
>On Monday 09 June 2008, Giu1i0 Pri5c0 wrote:
> > See my report with comments, pictures and a videoclip. I hope someone
> > has recorded the audio.
> >
> > http://transumanar.com/index.php/site/max_more_in_second_life_on_unso
> >lved_problems_in_transhumanism/
>I agree with Amara here. We need the transcript.
>- Bryan

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