[ExI] Tommy Emmanuel

Lee Corbin lcorbin at rawbw.com
Thu Jun 12 14:38:30 UTC 2008

Spike writes

>> Damien Broderick
> ...
>> Subject: Re: [ExI] Tommy Emmanuel
>> Another fine Australian!  :)
> Whaaaat?  Do I detect a hint of national pride?  From our own Damien?

Relax, it's perfectly okay to have national pride
and even patriotism, so long as your not a 
superpower. Then it comes across either as
boasting, arrogance, or even jingoistic. 

Suppose that some Russian in 1962 referred
all the time to the accomplishments of some
national. "Ah, I see Russian win this nobel prize
too :-)  "

Hmm.  That's not so bad, actually. Well, okay,
I guess I should have said "Western superpower".
Think about how the nobel prize sentence works 
if an Englishman, a German, or a Frenchman says it.
And jesus, what if it were said by an American???
Who already get so many nobel prizes?

And what if some Jew were to say it!?  They're
always getting them, so it would come off very

Very interesting---perhaps the main factor is the
power, influence, or size of a group

(Sorry to take every damn thing anyone says and
*analyse* it, but it's what I do.)

> Indeed, Tommy Emmanuel does magic on
> that guitar.  Australia and planet earth may
> unapologetically take pride in him.

Doesn't quite work either, I'm afraid. Now it
*would* work if Earth was a relatively small
or relatively less significant planet where the
big guys were always getting the honors.


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