[ExI] post-postmodernists ( was MAX MORE in Second Life yesterday)

Damien Broderick thespike at satx.rr.com
Fri Jun 13 19:24:48 UTC 2008

At 07:16 PM 6/13/2008 +0200, Stefano Vaj wrote:

>But I wonder if to ignore flatly and entirely whatever has been said
>and thought on posthumanism in this context is entirely a good thing
>for transhumanists, if anything in order to be post-postmodernists
>rather than pre-postmodernists, as we sometimes risk to appear...

I dealt with all that some 20 years ago (to my own satisfaction, at 
any rate) in my dissertation, the relevant portions appearing as 
THEORY AND ITS DISCONTENTS, with a discursive look at the possible 
rise of a new eyes-wide-open knowledge-informed humanist 
Enlightenment in FEROCIOUS MINDS. These profoundly unfashionable 
books have never been heard of by those post-Parisians who still 
maintain the brilliant stupidities of anti-empirical, truly 
untheorized "theory." (The shade of the Sokal hoax and all that it 
implies--mentioned in passing by Stefano--always looms over them, yet 
they are not one whit discomfited, the complacent ninnies.)

Damien Broderick 

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