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I responded, but it did not make it to the list, so I will try again -

From: Stefano Vaj 

On Fri, Jun 13, 2008 at 4:23 PM, Natasha Vita-More <natasha at natasha.cc>
>>Let's back up.  Are you familiar with my work?  If so you would know that
>>have argued against Hayles and other academics concerning posthuman.  I
>>introduced a different understanding of the term in academic circles, that
>>of the transhumanist understanding of posthuman.

>Absolutely. Please believe that I was not trying to lend you any kind
>of Sokal-hoaxesque affiliations...

:-)  haha

>And you may know or remember than my own cultural roots and references
>are as much removed from critical studies, or at least their
>mainstream, as yours.

>But I wonder if to ignore flatly and entirely whatever has been said

I don't ignore this flatly or curvaceously.  In fact, I have addressed it
in many academic conferences since 2001, and since 2005 at least 3+x a year
in Western and Eastern Europe and South America.  (And I admit that I have
asked for help from Damien Broderick on several occasions just to get my
brain through the adjectivity/nounicality/metaphorolities.)
(For fun: http://www.cscs.umich.edu/~crshalizi/how-to-talk-postmodern.html)

>and thought on posthumanism in this context is entirely a good thing
>for transhumanists, if anything in order to be post-postmodernists
>rather than pre-postmodernists, as we sometimes risk to appear...

Alas, I'd rather just be new and fresh. :-)



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