[ExI] Silvermoon Meeting: Launch of the Order of Cosmic Engineers in World of Warcraft

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Sun Jun 15 08:49:22 UTC 2008

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The Order of Cosmic Engineers, pre- announced at The Future of
Religions/Religions of the Future conference in Second Life on June 5,
2008, was launched yesterday June 14, 2008, at the Silvermoon Meeting
in World of Warcraft. Read the Prospectus of the Order of Cosmic
Engineers, collaboratively authored by the Order's founding members.
See also Bainbridge's Cosmic Engineers wiki. A picture of the event is
above, there are more picture and a chatlog here.

I am very pleased to see that the first top blogger to comment on the
launch of the Order has been one of my favorite writers. In an article
about the Singularity, Charlie Stross writes:

Now the rapture-nerds have indeed begun to codify their beliefs. Allow
me to introduce you to the Order of Cosmic Engineers. It is their
intention to "joyfully set out to permeate our universe with benign
intelligence, building and spreading it from inner space to outer
space and beyond." And they explain:

The Order is, at the same time, a transhumanist association, a space
advocacy group, a spiritual movement, a literary salon, a technology
observatory, an idea factory, a virtual worlds development group, and
a global community of persons willing to take an active role in
building, in realizing a sunny future. As engineers, we aim to build
what cannot be readily found. Adopting an engineering approach and
attitude, we aim to turn this universe into a "magical" realm.

There's a lot more where this came from — indeed there's a whole huge
prospectus, awaiting release next Sunday (which will be accessible
here); Their formal launch event will be hosted by the Science Guild
in World of Warcraft on June 14 at noon EST. I've seen an early draft
of the prospectus, and it is indeed something special. Let's just say
for now that I await its publication with interest: it's bad manners
to critique an early draft of divine scripture before it's launched.

See also the very interesting comments thread.

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