[ExI] Radically opposite was Defeatist

hkhenson hkhenson at rogers.com
Mon Jun 16 19:33:21 UTC 2008

At 06:44 AM 6/16/2008, Stefano Vaj wrote:


>Of course, very important exceptions remains, such as Heinlein or 
>Anderson, but I wonder if we do not often find ourselves in SF 
>novels and movies meanings and inspirations that are radically 
>opposite to those intended by their authors and directors...

In the context of an almost depopulated post singularity world I 
wrote a flashback chapter to show how this situation had come 
about.  Some of you have read 
it.  http://www.terasemjournals.org/GN0202/henson.html

It was intended as a depiction of a tragedy--where humans are seduced 
out of existence.  Heck, an *animal* inherits their village.

But the transhumanists who have read the story have all taken it as a 
triumph even some who have been warned about the story's intent.

Understand, I *work* for this kind of future.  I also consider it 
unavoidable and there to be worse fates.  But it's still a tragedy.


PS.  The world would have been completely depopulated, my guess on 
the most likely future, but you can't have a story without characters.

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