[ExI] The Total State

spike spike66 at att.net
Sat Jun 21 04:31:06 UTC 2008

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> > David where the heck were you guys when the Texas authorities were 
> > raiding the FLDS compound? spike
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> We can't cover everything, so sometimes we watch and, if 
> needed, advise in the background...And of 
> course we're not perfect,  nor in agreement with everyone's 
> values on every issue.   - David C. Harris

Thanks for the reply David.  I personally am not a supporter of the ACLU as
it is operated, but I am a supporter of their charter and stated mission, to
defend the bill of rights.  That being said, I will offer a defense of the
ACLU for not coming to the aid of the YFZers.  

The bill of rights forbids the government from seizing one's property
without due process of law, but it doesn't actually say in there anywhere
that the government may not seize one's children, utterly without evidence
of a crime.  No direct and explicit violation of the bill of rights,
therefore the ACLU would have nothing to say in this case.

This was a hell of a shocking civics lesson.  The fact that this was
overlooked or unstated in the bill of rights is appalling to me.  The
constitution of course long predated the whole notion of a child
"protective" service, and so the idea likely never occurred to the founding
fathers to add such a clause to forbid take away our children without
meticulous rigor and due process of law.  

If this case is allowed to stand (the Texas CPS officers do not face justice
for their crimes) it looks to me as if the constitution allows the state
governments to become a tyrannical dictatorships, in complete control of the
population, perfectly legally.  It allows these governments to control the
population by legally abducting their children.  

All this time we have been worried about abuse of the war powers act, when
the *real* time bomb in the constitution was elsewhere and even more


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