[ExI] woooohoooo! it's ice!

Damien Broderick thespike at satx.rr.com
Sun Jun 22 04:20:44 UTC 2008

At 11:59 AM 6/21/2008 -0400, Robert wrote:

>Oh come on Spike...
>Small pieces of bright material can "vanish" if the Martians are 
>stealing them.  What if they are diamonds or sapphires for 
>example?  This is one complaint I'll always come back to with well 
>trained, otherwise very good scientists, they have a lack of imagination.

http://nihilistic-kid.livejournal.com/ :

<Yes, ice. Perfectably reasonable. Ice! Pure, simple, harmless ice. 
What else can disappear, sublimating into the thin Martian air, save ice?


That's right, suckas! Those little Martians didn't "disappear", 
they're IN THE LANDER! Hot rod! They're rewirin' that motherfucker, 
soupin' it up, and they're gonna relaunch that shit and come on down 
to Earth. For vengeance!

You Earthers are gonna catch it now. It'll be Armageddon, oceans of 
fire and death, faster than you can say "Greetings, gentlebeings!" >

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