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hkhenson hkhenson at rogers.com
Sun Jun 22 19:04:54 UTC 2008

At 07:56 AM 6/22/2008, you wrote:
>Lee wrote:
> > The difficulty is in figuring out what those subtasks actually are.
> >
>My Response:
>I wrote two or more years either here or on AGI that projects that are large
>in scope with this many pieces/parts get lost without project plans.

You are so right.  All the project I brought in on time and on budget 
had project plans.  The ones where there was no project plan, some 
came in on time and budget and some didn't.

>I asked how many people working on AGI or Singularity related project held
>themselves to project plans or had project plans available for viewing, and
>I was thrashed soundly!

That's amusing, not particularly surprising though.

>Any business attempting a project of any size has to have a project plan to
>maintain focus and win support from the business who controls the money.
>They don't always make their milestones or cost projections and the projects
>plans change often as new information is learned.
>But the project plan is a tool to help them keep focus on what the critical
>path is, determine what the subtasks are and estimate the overall time frame
>and budget for the project.
>And the project plan is extremely useful for decomposing the main tasks into
>the smaller subtasks that can delegated to volunteers, interns, employees
>with less than total understanding of the overall project architecture.

This only works when you understand the main task.  I think that's 
the main problem with AI/AGI, at least I don't think anyone 
understands the main task.  (If someone does, please respond.)  Now 
the project of building a brain emulator, that's a project that could 
be done because we have examples of them all around.  Mainline would 
go something like: Understand the natural example in enough detail 
to:  Make a hardware emulation then: Turn it on.  Tune.  Enjoy 
conversation with your new partner.


>I have seen some signs lately that the AGI scene is getting it's act
>together.   But still no project plans.

Speaking of project plan software, is there anything on the market as 
good as Lisa Project?  That was the best project planning software I 
have ever seen.  Is there any open source software?

>My understanding of Extropian goals simply put is to educate and prepare for
>the Singularity and to bring people together to synergistically blend their
>talents and viewpoints to increase the likelihood of a positive outcome and
>somewhat painless transition for mankind.

Making into this era both personally and as a society are big 
goals.  The first is exemplified by cryonics.  There seems to be a 
lack interest in ideas about getting society through the singularity.



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