[ExI] Oil will never run out

Lee Corbin lcorbin at rawbw.com
Sun Jun 29 06:43:03 UTC 2008

Kevin writes

> By 2039 when some suggest we'll be out of oil,
> people most companies won't want to waste
> the money it costs to drill, pump, transport, and
> refine the "real" stuff. 

Would someone mind explaining to me how this
can *ever* happen?  That is, short of a dictatorship
forcing the price of oil to remain very low, and forcing
people to continue to use it up, just how is it that the
price wouldn't necessarily rise the way that any other
desired item does in a free market?

Now this is quite apart from the serious contention
by a number of people that oil and natural gas are
produced abiotically. I posted this link before:

And the wikipedia article continues to become more and
more elaborate (remaining quite balanced, as expected):

So if y'all have even heard of this debate, it might be 
polite, when you're discussing "peak oil" or "when the
last drop of oil on Earth is used up", to parenthetically
mention "(pace the abiotic theory)" or something.


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